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Statement on the impact of Covid-19

2020 has become a highly challenging year for Contact Centres, with Covid-19 having an unprecedented impact on all aspects of operations. The incredible hard work that has taken place in the face of extremely difficult conditions means that NECCA’s mission to recognise, honour and celebrate all those unsung heroes of our industry is more important than ever.

The judging team understands that organisations, teams and individuals have been continuing with service delivery in a very demanding environment.

The impact of the crisis will be considered in the judging process for every category. The nomination window covers the period 31 July 2019 – 31 July 2020, so please do refer to the nominee’s performance during the crisis, as well as prior.

Nominations for the Awards will open 18 May, with revised entry forms now available from the Enter page of the website. We understand that many contact centres will need additional time to prepare their nominations. We have provided an extended application window, open until 31 July, for entries to be submitted. We have kept the nomination form short so it’s easy to complete, and we’ll also be putting in place additional resources and guidance to support all entrants.

If you have any questions at all about how this might affect your nomination, contact Laura Rushton who will be happy to help: / +447721663769.

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