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Meet Romana Moffatt, Sales Team Leader 2020

Updated: May 4, 2021

We caught up with Romana Moffatt of FIS to find out what set her apart, her path to her contact centre career and how she found the NECCA judging process

Romana Moffatt saw off some strong competition to win the Sales Team Leader category in 2020. She works for WorldPay from FIS, the global leader for card payment processing, where she leads the Business Advisor Sales Team.

Romana's enthusiasm and integrity set her apart - the judges were really impressed by how passionate she is about the development of her team and colleague. She stood out because she demonstrated that she inspires, fun, creativity and healthy competition in her commercial focus.

We asked Romana to tell us a bit about her role and what it is like to work at FIS.

“My team are responsible for increasing business revenue through sales to our core book clients as well as ensuring that the client has the correct products to run their business efficiently. FIS is not like any other company that I have worked for. It has never felt like just a 9-5 rat race, instead I feel like an important part of the wheel and that I can and do make a difference. Both myself and the people around me are rewarded and recognised for the work that we do.

At FIS we are very passionate about career and development, our CEO has a great motto and that is that he wants FIS to be the final place someone works. Meaning once you start with the company, he only wants you to have a long and successful career. “

We asked Romana about her leadership approach and how she inspires fun and creativity. “I treat every single person on my team as the unique individual that they are, no 2 people are ever the same whether that is in business or in the real world. I make sure I get to know everyone and what makes them tick, why FIS, why this line of business, what drives them, what makes them jump out of bed in the morning, what are their interests and their passion. Once you know this you can then help and inspire people to reach their goals.

We spend more time with the people we work with than we do our family and friends, so it must be fun right? I am an advocate of creating a fun environment, I do this through fun activities both when we were in the office and working from home during the pandemic. This can be anything from a game of bingo in our Friday team meeting after a successful week, to a weekend quiz or seeing who can tie their shoelaces the quickest with just 2 fingers on zoom! By having a happy and engaged team you will see a much better performance, and if you have to do something, you may as well do it with a smile!"

We asked Romana what winning the Award meant to her “When I was first asked if I would like to apply, I never in a million years thought I would win my category. I was honoured to be asked and to make it to the judge’s round.

When I left school, I had one career focus and that was to be a groom, I am passionate about animals and was a horse mad kid. I got my dream job, worked 14-hour days 6.5 days a week but I loved it, after a bad leg break, I was unable to walk for almost 12 months. This meant in that time I had to learn how to use a computer and get a job that allowed me to sit down… That is how I came to be in the contact centre industry. I still have horses and although I had to give up my career in horses, I am blessed that I managed to get into an industry that is recognised as been one of the best in the Northeast, Winning at NECCA made me proud of myself and how far I have come.”

To anyone thinking of entering this year, Romana says her biggest tip would be to just be yourself, “you are entering these awards for a reason, and that reason is that you are great at what you do. If you be your true self, you can’t go wrong. My other advice would also be that the judges are not scary and if you get to the interview stage do not panic, they will put you at ease.

After been part of the 2020 NECCA awards and the buzz that goes with it, I would recommend all local contact centres to get involved. This is a great way to showcase the talent of your people, and we know that the Northeast is full of talented people.”

The Sales Team Leader category is back again in 2021! Think you or a colleague might be in with a shot? Find out how to make a nomination here:

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