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8 ways to have a great night at our virtual awards ceremony

We are really looking forward to our virtual awards ceremony on 20 November.

It's a been a tough year for everyone, and although it's a shame we aren't able to get together on 20 November for our traditional Gala Dinner, we are really glad that we are able to celebrate everyone's hard work in a virtual format.

We have a great night planned and will be doing our best to make the event as fun as possible for everyone involved. This is our list of 8 ways to have a great night at our Virtual Awards Ceremony.


1. Put your glad rags on!

We might all be attending from home but that’s no reason to stay in your pyjamas! We will be running a red-carpet award on Instagram on the evening of the Awards to find the best dressed member of our audience. Take part using an Instagram red carpet filter and post your photos on Instagram using #NECCAredcarpet

2. Join us live

Shortlisted nominees will be on stand by - with the winners joining us live on the night to accept their award! If you are a shortlisted nominee make sure the evening is in your diary and join us live to hear the results. We will be in touch with instructions soon.

3. Share it with friends and family

One advantage of the event being online is that it is free to watch and attendees can join from anywhere, so you can share the link with your friends and family as well as colleagues to let them in on the action. If you haven't already, sign up to our mailing list to receive the link on the night!

4. Hold a special competition/award within your team or organisation

Run a special competition on the night for your own team/organisation. Who is most likely to fall asleep in a zoom meeting? Who has been an amazing at supporting team members during lockdown? Who will have the best zoom background on the night? And does anyone dare to take a sip of their drink every time someone says contact centre? (Joke - we definitely would not advise this).

5. Get involved on social

We will be monitoring social all evening and our host Charlie Charlton will be reading out some of the best posts – share your reactions on social using #NECCA20 and let us know what you think of the awards! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Have some pre-award drinks with your team via Zoom

Bring you team together for a video call before the evening kicks off. A great chance to get everyone together virtually. Why not also set up a team Whatsapp group so you can keep in touch throughout the evening?

7. Watch it on a big screen

Rather than watching the Awards on a phone or laptop, why not watch it on a big screen or even using a projector? If you don't have a smart TV you can hook a laptop up to your TV using a HDMI lead.

8. Get the pizza in

Put the champagne on ice, shake yourself up a cocktail and treat yourself to a takeaway to watch the awards with your household for the evening!


Have a fantastic night on 20 November! We hope you will also join us in person on Friday 7 May for our Spring Celebrationwhen we will get everyone together to party in traditional Friday night style!

The virtual awards will take place on our youtube channel 7pm – 8pm on Friday 20 November. Sign up to our mailing list via the homepage to be sure you will receive the link.

If you have any questions at all about attending either event you can contact / 07721663769

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